The Power of Nubry's Influence

If you didn't know, we're pretty popular ourselves! As a women's luxury lifestyle blog and brand, Nubry has amassed a sizeable  Instagram following and reaches more people on Facebook than any of the top magazines or media in San Diego. We're your gals if you want to authentically reach San Diego.

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We have a dedicated email subscriber list that looks to us for top events and parties in San Diego. Got an event that you need to sell tickets to? Need a last minute push? Look no further.

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Build buzz and excitement for your brand or event with one of our super high quality giveaways. Our giveaway platform is beautiful and collects all of the necessary information you'll need to reach this audience in the future. 

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We'll vouch for your brand or event on Instagram and Facebook (if we like you). Our posts are authentic and engaging with the right messaging, hashtags, and link.

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Branded content

We create branded content for video and the web that integrates your brand into a conversation that people want to be apart of. People don't want to be forced into seeing something, which is why it's imperative to publish content that they want to see. Not to boast, but we excel at content creation and content marketing!